Old Kick Mule (kickmule) wrote,
Old Kick Mule

Vernal blah

Spring is here, which means I get to devote more time to the outdoor activities I love, such as pushing a lawn mower up a goddamn hill and getting stung by wasps. Gone is my excuse to sit on the sofa all day.

On the upside, it's tax time, which means I got to do the taxes, a pleasure I rate second only to being accosted at the ATM by hobos. My favorite tax thing: Filling out a worksheet to see if you need to fill out a form to see if you need to calculate a method of paying even more taxes. They named it the Alternative Minimum Tax. Who wouldn't want to pay that? It's alternative! It's minimum! Also, if you're due a refund, you write the amount in one box, and then in another, you write the AMOUNT YOU WANT REFUNDED TO YOU. Can't fool me, Washington! I want it all!

And we're due a big refund, because I know we're too dumb to save money, and so I have lots of taxes withheld from my paycheck. My father-in-law hates this. He says we're letting the government use our money interest-free for a whole year, as opposed to losing it in the next dot-com bust.

I guess I should do some work now.
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