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Will I be this month's lucky winner in the exciting Jobbo drawing? Can't win if you don't play! Had my first serious interview some time back and was passed over in favor of a guy who is widely described as not all there. What happened? Did they find out about my drinking spells? Were my salary requirements too high? Did my references hose me? No matter. The job was exactly what I do now, only with both the bad and good parts turned up to 11, and I'm trying to get away from that.

So I have some resumes out. They run from "extremely close to home" to "oh my God, the commute." One is at U. Maryland, next door to where M works. Another is at Temple in Philadelphia, which would require a nearly 2-hour train ride each way. Actually, 4 hours of reading and writing time would not bother me in the slightest. I've done worse commutes.

Neither application is for a library job. I recently said I wouldn't want a job where I didn't work a reference desk. Well, fuck the desk. During my spasm of absenteeism, the department took my desk hours away, and I have discovered a wondrous thing: I don't miss them. I get projects done. My nights and weekends are mine, as God ordained they should be, probably in Leviticus or Deuteronomy somewhere. So next job, no desk. No shift work.

The computer stuff is where the money is, anyway. Any of us can staff the desk. We even put paraproffessionals and students out there. I'm not saying they deliver the same quality we do, but they are warm bodies, which is basically enough to start with. But let's see the other librarians define a database table as an array of hashes and then traverse the data using control structures. I should be back at my desk, doing that, not telling people which floor the "fiction section" is on.

So next job, no desk.
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