Old Kick Mule (kickmule) wrote,
Old Kick Mule

Out of the nut hatch and into the loony bin

I'm back to work after a limited engagement at the nut hatch.It seems I was depressed and anxious enough to drink myself to a .30 blood-alcohol level on top of Ativan and not really give a fuck. So I spent five days on a psych ward and two weeks at some day treatment thing. Felt pretty good, really. But now I'm back in my cube.

I would like to get something straight with a few people who work with me: Depression and alcoholism can fucking kill a person, OK? So I'm sorry you had to cover my desk shifts, but my ass was hanging out of a hospital gown at the time.

Now, presumably because of my absence, they're calling in some kind of counselor to talk to each of us confidentially about "staff morale." Did I damage staff morale by getting addicted to a lethal narcotic and sinking into a slight gloom? Oops.
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