Old Kick Mule (kickmule) wrote,
Old Kick Mule

Genuine fraudulence

I have another job interview coming up, this time with the Maryland State Law Library. The day I got the call for that one, I also got my letter from the Provost, whose unfortunate duty was to inform me that my current appointment would be ending on June 1, 2005. I hope to have my last look at this place in my rearview mirror long before that date.

These people can eat me. Just kidding. No, I'm not.

So here comes another interview. Time to get my fraud on. I know I'm qualified for the job. From an objective standpoint, I think the odds are better than even that I'm more qualified, maybe way more qualified, than the other 5 finalists. That's not the fraudulent part. It's just that I get the distinct impression that, no matter how much I have to offer, the interviewers are always looking for something more, something unknown, some X factor not stated in the job ad. And so I go in trying to figure out what it is and pretend I have it in sufficient quantities to excite them. And so the whole transaction is fraudulent from the start.

Maybe this doesn't bother most people, but I think it does, and they just don't realize it.
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