Old Kick Mule (kickmule) wrote,
Old Kick Mule

Inna gadda errata, baby

OK: It was not the Writer's Market but the confusingly similar Writer's Handbook that alerted me to the Homeless Reporter-Newssheet. And there are no dollar signs next to it because there are no dollar signs next to anything in the Writer's Handbook. Also, the Homeless paper pays in copies. It does print love stories, though. So if I get "Passes Made under an Overpass" in there, I shall receive an undisclosed number of copies of the Homeless newspaper.

Also, it was The Atlantic, not Harper's, that welcomed beginning and intermediate writers with equal enthusiasm (none). Harper's instead advised: "Some magazines clothe their readers in opinion the way that Bloomingdale's clothes one for a night at the opera." Oh, Heaven forfend!

I went to B. Dalton and dropped 50 bucks on the 2004 Writer's Market, which this year is titled Writer's Market Online. This should not be the title of a book. I understand that they are drawing attention to the fact that buying the book licenses you to use their website. But the word "online" is a stark denial that you are hefting a 1000-page reference book in its 83rd edition. Only a delusional person could thumb through this thing thinking, "I am perusing Writer's Market-- online!"

I imagine I'll log on to the website once and find it to be about as handy as LiveJournal.

I have switched to an earlier schedule that requires me to get up at 6 AM. I am telling myself that 6 AM is just a number. Well, it is. It's a number that sucks. I squandered much of my early start by staring into space with my mouth open. Then I got on the freeway and almost dozed off at the wheel a number of times. But isn't it great to get to the office first? No. Nobody's there. Not even the coffee lady. But don't you want to get a jump on the day ahead? No.
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