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Dollar signs in her eyes

I'm flipping through Writer's Market and noticing a few things:

  1. The higher a magazine pays, the more $s are next to it.
  2. All other things being equal, I am more interested in magazines denoted with more $s.
  3. The magazines with lots of $s look hard to get into. Harper's says it's not a venue for beginning writing, or even intermediate writing. They encourage you to spend time reading lots of sample issues. It's as if they don't want you to get your hands on their precious $s.
  4. There is a magazine for homeless persons' issues that invites submission of "love stories" in the context of homelessness. I am powerfully drawn to this magazine, despite its single $.
  5. No library magazines are listed, although they exist. Turtle trapper magazines are listed, but no library magazines.
  6. I find several library magazines online and look over their guidelines for writers. There are no guidelines for humorous submissions. My colleagues are anything but surprised.

I have received $s from a $$$$$ publication before, when I got a piece into Playboy, pretty much by accident. Mr. Guccione, I shall have your $s again. I swear it.
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